wa·ter war·rior:

a person who has committed to tackling the global water and sanitation crisis by going out into their community and:

1. Educating friends, family and neighbors about the magnitude of the problem and proven solutions.
2. Raising funds for simple, proven solutions, such as water filtration systems, soap and toilets.
3. Encouraging elected officials to increase water and sanitation funding.
4. Turning friends and family into Water Warriors to create a ripple effect.


Water has been a silent crisis for a long time -- one that has led to the death of millions worldwide and yet has gone unnoticed by many.

But recently there’s been a quietly growing movement of people who are ready to take action. People are realizing the magnitude of the issue -- without clean water and sanitation, life is not possible.

And unlike so many global problems, we know what the solutions are to the water and sanitation crisis. It’s a combination of things, but many are very simple, like toilets and water filtration systems. The solutions exist and some say that universal access to water could be achieved by 2025. We just need the will to make it happen.

This first requires that people are aware of the problem. Despite our progress, the average American still hasn’t heard of the water and sanitation crisis.

But that’s about to change with our new team of Water Warriors.


Our Water Warriors team is being formed to help ignite a worldwide movement that will make universal access to clean water and sanitation a reality. As grassroots leaders, they’ll be active in their local communities and online, raising awareness and funds in creative ways; encouraging Congress to increase funding for the issue; and helping turn other people into Water Warriors to build to a crescendo of support. Water Warriors will be trained to be as effective as possible and will receive support from Global Water Challenge staff.

We know we’re on the verge of finally hitting critical mass – when enough people are aware and engaged to turn the tide. And we’re counting on our Water Warriors to make the difference.

Thanks for becoming a Water Warrior and stepping up as a leader in the movement to give people clean water and sanitation – and a chance at a better life.