Our Mission

Global Water Challenge (GWC) is a diverse coalition of leading organizations providing creative and sustainable solutions for universal access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Our mission is to create a global movement to meet the urgent need for safe water and sanitation by spurring collective awareness and investment in innovation by corporate, public, and nongovernmental actors. Our challenge is provide tools and education to empower people to find their own solutions.

GWC is committed to finding and implementing solutions by engaging people and their governments, spreading knowledge, and increasing access to markets. Access to clean water and sanitation leads to healthier, longer and more productive lives, and breaks the cycle of poverty. Without basic hygiene and water safety, communities cannot adequately address other development goals (such as providing healthcare, reducing poverty, increasing elementary school attendance, and addressing environmental problems). Water and sanitation are a human necessity and a human right.

GWC offers a model of partnership among leading business, NGO and government organizations to effectively deliver clean water, sanitation and hygiene education projects. We build new partnerships, share best practices, and raise global visibility and support. Delivering services more efficiently and widely saves thousands of lives a week and is an essential first step in a community's path out of poverty and disease towards opportunity and health.