Why Now?

Most of us don't think about water; we turn on a tap and clean water flows readily. Yet for more than 884 million people, water is a constant concern: Will the taps run? Will there be enough water? Will it be clean?

Basic human privacy and dignity are denied to 2.5 billion people who have no access to a safe toilet.

Water is the source of life. Without clean water and sanitation people get sick, children miss school, and the cycle of poverty is perpetuated. Millions die prematurely from water-related diseases. As water scarcity becomes more acute, the global water crisis could lead to violent conflicts.

Water challenges have solutions. Global Water Challenge (GWC) is a coalition of 24 leading organizations creating a global movement of transformational change around water and sanitation. GWC focuses on collaborative learning, connecting leaders, and investing in sustainable, scalable and replicable projects. Our goal is universal access to clean water and safe sanitation.