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Alexandra Cousteau

Founder, Blue Legacy International

Alexandra is dedicated to advocating the importance of conservation and sustainable management of water resources in order to preserve a healthy planet. Her global initiative seeks to inspire and empower individuals to protect not only the ocean and its inhabitants, but also the human communities that rely on the purity of our freshwater resources. Because of Alexandra's tremendous work and relentless dedication towards these environmental issues, she was honored as a member of National Geographic's "Emerging Explorers" Class of 2008. The program is comprised of eleven visionaries and young trailblazers from around the world who have pushed the boundaries of discovery, adventure, and global problem solving. This group is recognized and supported for their inspiring and significant contribution to world knowledge through exploration while still early in their careers.

Alexandra's most recent step in creating a legacy of her own came with the establishment of her own organization in 2008, Blue Legacy. The mission of Blue Legacy is to tell the story of our water planet to the world, to inspire people to take action on critical water issues in meaningful ways, and to help shape society's dialogue to include water as one of the defining issues of our century and the primary vehicle through which climate change will be felt. Recently, Dutton Publishing of the internationally renowned Penguin Group acquired Alexandra's upcoming book tentatively titled "This Blue Planet" which will be an exploration of different water ecosystems around the world and how they are interconnected and interdependent.

From 2005-2007, Alexandra spent two years living in Central America working with local environmental groups on marine resource management with a special focus on shark fisheries. During that time, she worked with diverse stakeholder groups to strengthen fisheries management in the region through education, communication, legislation, and the safeguarding of marine protected areas.

Granddaughter of legendary explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Alexandra's first exploration took place at four months old with her father Philippe. She has grown up traveling the globe, feeding her passion for adventure and learning firsthand the value of conserving the natural world. When asked about the impact that her father and grandfather have had on her life, Alexandra explains, "the best example they gave me was the importance of living a life of consequence, value, and meaning. I honor their memories by creating a legacy of my own in speaking out for the preservation of our blue planet and all its waters."