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    Water is Life

    A Kenyan’s Story of Hope Unearths the Impact of the Replenish Africa Initiative​

    Why We're Working to Bring the World Safe Water

    GWC and WaterHealth International are partnering with Travel + Leisure to support WaterHealth Centers in India and across Africa.


    Read more about this partnership here.


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    Global Water Challenge (GWC) connects organizations across sectors to solve our world's most pressing water challenges through access to sustainable clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).


    OUR MISSION is to accelerate the delivery of safe water and sanitation through partnerships that catalyze financial support and innovations for sustainable solutions.


    Founded in 2006 as an independent 501(c)3 organization, GWC works to raise awareness on our global water challenges and shine a light on effective solutions across developing world markets. Today, GWC has expanded its network of leading water sector NGOs and Fortune 100 companies to create innovative and sustainable partnerships that fund a number of high-impact WASH initiatives across the globe.


    How we're making a difference.

    Sustainable WASH

    Recognizing that nearly 30% of all WASH projects fail prematurely, GWC has led efforts to increase lasting impact. GWC works with its partners to promote learning and help ensure that investments result in lasting services.


    • SustainableWASH.org: In early 2012, individuals from a consortium of organizations (Aguaconsult, Global Water Challenge, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre and WASH Advocates) came together to build on previous work around sustainability and create SustainableWASH.org as a dynamic hub for the sustainability conversation. Through SustainableWASH.org, GWC utilizes its expertise and convening power to mobilize a broad network of partners to lead the sustainability movement within the WASH sector and ensure that investments in WASH will last. View the latest webinar, entitled Sharing is Caring, here
    • WASH Sustainability Charter: GWC developed a charter outlining the principles of sustainability. To date, over 140 diverse organizations have endorsed the WASH Sustainability Charter and over 15 have taken the next step by completing the self-assessment tool that GWC developed through SustainableWASH.org. View or sign the charter here
    • WASH DataPoint: WASH DataPoint is a platform in development to map the functionality of water points around the world. This project has the potential to improve water services for millions of people as a direct result of better information available to service providers, researchers, NGOs, and others. This growing platform currently hosts water point functionality data from 250,000 water points for nine countries. Learn more about WASH DataPoint here.View the WASH DataPoint update here.
    • WASH Sustainability Forum: Sustainability has been a key focus throughout the WASH sector for several years; however, the discussions have often been inaccessible and disjointed. The annual WASH Sustainability Forums have brought together diverse global stakeholders to share perspectives and support progress for Sustainability. Learn more about the WASH Sustainability Forums here.

    Women and Water

    Around the world, women are the backbone of communities, raising children, supporting families and caring for the sick. In developing nations, they’re also responsible for providing water. It’s their time, health, education, safety and income that are on the line.


    Women for Water: Global Water Challenge addresses water challenges that disproportionately affect women through the Women for Water campaign, an initiative to empower women around the world through water access. GWC helps by creating a grassroots social media movement, working with leading brands to work towards consumer engagement and coordinating with GWC's network of implementing partners to support on-the-ground impact.


    Read stories transformation in girls' and women's lives with water and join us at www.WomenforWater.com to learn more.

    WASH in Schools

    Every year, 443 million school days are lost due to water-related illnesses. We work with our experienced members to promote WASH in schools programs that help keep kids in school and happy and healthy. GWC has helped nearly 500,000 children gain access to clean water and sanitation.


    • Support My School: GWC helped facilitate this unique partnership with NDTV, The Coca-Cola Company and others to bring access to water, sanitation, hygiene and other schools improvements in 300 schools across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Learn more here.
    • A-WASH: Working the U.S. Department of State, Global Water Challenge (in partnership with members Millennium Water Alliance, CARE International and Catholic Relief Services) supported improving access to water and sanitation in schools around the world. This program engaged U.S. Ambassadors and the diplomatic community in raising awareness about the benefits of achieving WASH in schools.
    • RAIN Water for Schools: RAIN Water for Schools (RWS) addresses the WASH-related needs faced in many South African schools by constructing or rehabilitating infrastructure and providing school-specific sustainability plans for monitoring and maintenance of water and sanitation infrastructure. The program will improve WASH conditions in 100 schools and up to 50,000 students.


    Strategic Consulting

    Water is a vital component of many industries, but increasing pressures ranging from population growth to warming temperatures and water scarcity pose risks to business as usual.


    • Water Risk & Stewardship Advising: GWC works with its corporate donors to provide the best support in water strategy development. GWC has advised leading corporations and Fortune 100 companies in water risk identification, best practices and water stewardship efforts. We work with our principal donor members to help them chart a course for action and work together to overcome water challenges.

    • Partnership Development: In 2012, GWC helped design, organize and launch the U.S. Water Partnership, a public-private partnership that brings together the best of private and public U.S. water expertise to address water challenges around the world. The U.S. Water Partnership has over 80 members and is continuing to advance the momentum that it has gained in the two years since its inception.



    Harriet Babbitt

    Attorney & Former Ambassador

    Board Co-Chair

    William K. Reilly

    Founding Partner, Aqua International Partners

    Board Co-Chair

    Alexandra Cousteau

    Founder, Blue Legacy International

    Board Member

    Hank Habicht

    Managing Partner, SAIL Venture Capital

    Board Member

    Neil Hawkins

    Corporate Vice President, Sustainability, The Dow Chemical Company

    Board Member

    David Steinglass

    Managing Director, Lower Middle Markets Buyout Group

    Board Treasurer

    Greg Koch

    Director, Global Water Stewardship, The Coca-Cola Company

    Board Member

    Jeff Seabright

    Chief Sustainability Officer, Unilever

    Board Member

    Mike Lloyd

    Director, Environmental Health & Safety, Huber Engineered Woods

    Board Member

    Monica Ellis


    Global Water Challenge


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  • Partnership With WaterHealth International

    WaterHealth International is the global leader in bringing clean, safe and affordable drinking water to millions across India and Africa through a decentralized, sustainable and scalable model. Every day WaterHealth serves over 7,000,000 people across 700 communities and provides local employment to thousands of men and women.

    Travel + Leisure Partnership

    GWC and WaterHealth are proud to partner with Travel + Leisure who are raising awareness through editorial content and public service advertising, as well as funds to build WaterHealth Centers generated through a Charitybuzz auction with donations from their "World's Best" winners, advertisers, celebrities and more! Stay tuned for exciting details for our next auction.

    The Beach Boys

    The Beach boys have also joined forces with GWC and WaterHealth International to raise awareness and money to build WaterHealth Centers across India and Africa through a unique partnership which includes VIP experiences with the band, premiere concert seating, back stage access and more. For more information about how to participate in the Fun Fun Fun at an upcoming event in the US and beyond, contact Jacqueline Lundquist at jlundquist@waterhealth.com and share the Good Vibrations!

    See The Beach Boys perform at Royal Albert Hall in London, England, May 15-19th

    A donation of $1000 gets you a ticket to the show, a backstage pass and invitation to a private VIP event.

    Tie One On Campaign

    WaterHealth has commissioned an organization in India called Women Weave that has designed a scarf that is the cornerstone of a campaign called #TieOneOn. Over 5,000 have been sold to-date at Beach Boys concerts and through social media, as Christmas and Mother's Day gifts, and have sparked a huge campaign involving celebrities, politicians, and more. Buy your "Women Weaving Water" scarf today and join the campaign to #TieOneOn by donating $100 or more.


    WaterHealth is partnering with Montesquieu Winery and commissioned an exclusive blend of small batch wines from around the globe. Each private label bottle comes with a beautiful #TieOneOn silk pocket square. A donation of $500 gets you a MAGNUM of this delicious red or THREE for $1,000. Perfect for the holidays or any occasion as a special gift. We'll even ship it for you! Holiday gift-giving made easy. Turning wine into water....now that's something we can all toast! Cheers!

    Girl Power WaterHealth Center

    Join WaterHealth International's efforts to raise $25,000 to build a "Girl Power" WaterHealth Center in India.

    Donate $50 and your name goes on the plaque, forever memorializing your generosity! Donate $100 and you get a scarf, too!!!

    C'mon, gal pals! This is a no-brainer! And a tax deductible one at that! Do it right now and show your support for women half way across the globe and become part of a movement in this part of the world! #TieOneOn!



    This September, the Global Water Challenge (GWC) and The Coca-Cola Company will launch a collaborative cause marketing campaign for the EKOCENTER™ initiative.

    The campaign, called PROJECT RIPPLE, is designed to support communities where EKOCENTER kiosks are located through a simple and innovative crowdsourcing mechanism, leveraging the reach of Coca-Cola and the passion of millennials to help those less fortunate.

    It’s a simple model that yields lasting results. Here’s how it works:

    Students, faculty and consumers purchasing single-serve Coca-Cola beverages will donate 2 cents* when they purchase a product. Coca-Cola and its licensed bottlers, the local food service provider and the university will each have the option of matching these 2 cents up to a $5,000 capped amount, creating the ultimate ripple effect. These funds will be channeled to partnering NGOs supporting either women’s economic empowerment, safe drinking water initiatives or projects that enhance the well-being in EKOCENTER communities in Africa. Then when the campaign ends, the university will help decide where to direct the funds among those three pillars of the EKOCENTER initiative.

    To date, Boston College and Seton Hall University have confirmed their participation in this 3-month campaign and will activate during their 2015 fall semester. Other universities and key accounts are expected to join during the 2016 spring semester.

    To learn more about this on-campus project please reach out to Simon Bartlett at sibartlett@coca-cola.com

    * Customers will be able to opt out or opt in at the point of sale depending on the university program. Participating beverages are Coca-Cola-branded single-serve bottles and cans only, at select retail outlets on select campuses. 100% of the funds raised from consumer donations and matching contributions will be paid to Global Water Challenge (“GWC”), a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. Matching donations may vary by each university program. GWC will work with Coca-Cola and participating universities to distribute the funds raised to help support people living in EKOCENTER communities.


    Launched by The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) in 2010 in response to the severe health challenges faced by millions of Africans living without access to safe drinking water, the Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) aims to improve access to safe water for six million people in Africa by 2020. RAIN is backed by an eleven-year commitment by TCCAF and made possible through the support of more than 140 partners who provide development expertise and additional resources required to implement the projects sustainably. To date, RAIN has made investments to reach two million people with sustainable, safe water access in 37 of Africa’s 55 countries by the end of 2015. In addition to safe water and sanitation access, RAIN’s new 2020 commitment will deliver programming to uplift women, youth, and their families by creating employment opportunities through water, providing training in water and business management, and supporting water enterprise. RAIN also is providing safe water access, sanitation and hygiene in schools for more than 300,000 children to improve their education environments, and is providing sanitation, often first time access, to more than 350,000 people in 37 countries.


    Global Water Challenge has played a key role in developing the Water Point Data Exchange (WPDx), the global framework for sharing water point data. Through WPDx, data from water point mapping efforts and inventories can be easily shared, and data from other initiatives can be easily accessed.


    Use the link below to get access over 250,000 water point records across more than 25 countries or to share your own data.

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